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A Feast for the Eyes: The old New York and the new New York. Lets hope the latter is true. 

A Feast for the Eyes: The old New York and the new New York. Lets hope the latter is true. 



Recoup & Regroup…Post Sandy


This time last year, Hurricane Sandy was heading for New York.

By midmorning the city was shutting down.

Union Square was deserted.

There, we came across a man holding a cup of coffee.

It was cold.

He wore socks on his hands.

His name was Karem Kosse. He had come from Mali, in the hold of a ship.

This was scarier, he said.

He had nowhere to go.

We wrote the address of the nearest shelter on a business card, wished him luck.

A day later, we received this voice mail message:

“You give me the address to look for some place to sleep. You were very kind. We’ve stayed there for awhile.”

We could hear voices in the background. A crowded room.

“I pray for you,” he said.

“You pray for me.”

Source NYT: City Room blog



Totally loving ‘Everyday Living’ with Justine Skye. I think this girl could single-handedly bring back feel good music. 



Feast for the Eyes: Totally in love with this photo by Garry Winogrand. A good laugh goes a looooong way.

Feast for the Eyes: Totally in love with this photo by Garry Winogrand. A good laugh goes a looooong way.



Hello Dahling! #selfie

Hello Dahling! #selfie



The Velvet Mix…

A little evening delight just for you… Click & enjoy. 


1. #Beautiful: Mariah Carey feat. Miguel

2. The Way : Ariana Grande

3. What’s My Name: Rihanna feat. Drake

4. Do It Like You : Diggy feat. Jeremih

5. Where You Go : Ciara feat. Future

6. Hold On We’re Going Home : Drake

7. Get Lucky : Pharrell & Daft Punk

8. We Can’t Stop : Miley Cyrus

9. Do You : Miguel

10. Poetic Justice : Kendrick Lamar



The Fundamentals:  As of late, I have been thinking a lot about quality of life—more so how to improve it.  So how befitting that Monocle publishes an official how-to-guide for better living. Throughout the book the Monocle editors are giving you the inside track on how to build your office, what cities to move to, and what products best suit the make or break needs in your life. Global reports and recommendations printed on some of the world’s finest paper don’t come cheap.  The book ranges from $40 to $ 60 and while that isn’t exactly a sale it may be well worth the investment to garner a better standard of living. 

(price source: Amazon) 

Ttys, xo, Jewels! 



New York City is like that damn ex-boyfriend you just can’t shake.
Entrepreneur, Susana Cardona



Cashmere Thoughts…on the VMAs.

-Lady Gaga is still very much in a league of her own. I liked her performance and I like the song.  Applause is totally get-in-the-gym-and-murder-fat worthy. She is indeed an artist which is rare these days. 

-Miley, Miley, Miley…although I do like your single, that performance was a shit show.  Aside from that it became wildly apparent that much of your current state is a strong reaction to washing away your squeaky clean Disney kid persona.  

-Robin Thicke has a smash hit record and people are starting to say that he is single handedly bringing R&B back. He need not annihilate his incline by letting someone (Miley) trendy and inexperienced in his lane.

-Taylor Swift just keeps raking them in.  I don’t listen to her so I never understand the phenomenon that is Taylor but she is always #winning.

-MTV—Beyonce’s “I Was Here” is not a song with a social message.  

-I’m excited for Macklemore’s wins.  I think he’s a breath of fresh air, offering a healthy alternative to a kind of Hip Hop which tends to be ignorant and self-serving.

-Justin Timberlake proved tonight that he has all the chops to be a legend.  I have no doubt that tonight’s medley will be part of the footage played when JT gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

-Kanye and his shadow performed tonight and like Gaga he is in a league of his own.  Do people understand that the ‘Strange Fruit’ sample is about lynching?  Does anyone get that?! 

-Bruno Mars is wildly underrated.  He is low key super talented and cool.  

There wasn’t a lot of variety at this year’s VMAs.  I did get the distinct feeling that Hip Hop was thrown some #shade.  But then again I think Hip Hop needs to get its shit together. I wonder if the limited nominee choices means that the scope through which MTV is looking is limited or perhaps MTV is sending a message about the current state of music. There isn’t a whole lot of Amazing (capital A) music being put out. There are a few solid albums but many are mediocre at best.  The show is a reflection of the musical landscape and American youth culture; both of which leave much to be desired. 

xo, ttys, Jewels! 



I’ve never been motivated by money, I’m motivated by quality of life.
TV & radio personality, media maven, and business woman Wendy Williams
 Multicultural never looked so fabulous.

 Multicultural never looked so fabulous.

Cashmere Thoughts…on the Magazine.


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Magazine, magazines, magazines, oh how I love thee so. This love affair has been going strong for 16 years. Conceptually a magazine is a brilliant idea.  It is a space where information and inspiration lives symbiotically. Do you know when people tell those stories about being kids and using books to escape to magical far and away places? That’s exactly how I felt about magazines.  Instead of being attached to plot lines and characters, I was obsessed (and still am) with editors and designers.  Fashion magazines whisked me away to far and exotic places like Bergdorf’s and exposed me to a myriad of Upper Eastsiders and their closets filled with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Azzedine Alaia.  

Magazines showed me a whole new world. A place where people lived boundlessly, without any limitations (seemingly so).  It was something about the featured people, products, and ideas that showed me there was a bigger world out there and I wanted to be a part of it.  Reading magazines exposed me to so many ideas and behaviors I would have never encountered on my own.  I was getting a slice of life and living outside of the narrow confines in which I was living—and I loved it! 

Magazines are a space to learn about a plethora of people, ideas, and behaviors…the exchange between writer/editor and reader are what turns me on about magazines. Reading magazines is an easy fun way to learn about new books and films being released, new emerging artists, new products, and of course the new collections.  I can’t tell you about allllllll the articles I’ve read that continue to linger in the back cabinets of my mind; which now makes for a wildly vast lexicon.  

My magazine love affair stretches back to when I was 12 years old, when I received my first unsolicited copy of YM magazine.  There was a young rocker girl with blue hair on the cover known as Gwen Stefani.  I knew that I had to be part of the media that was creating this magic.  I knew that I have a strong voice and good eye. I knew that I have a diamond-esque multidimensional point of view. I also knew that over time I would develop the writing chops to say what I wanted to say the way I wanted to say it and because it is authentic it would resonate. 

I love magazines, always have and always will.